EnviroFinance Group a.k.a. “EFG” is a Denver-based real estate development firm specializing in urban infill and brownfield redevelopment. EFG brings expertise in land planning, entitlements, abatement and demolition, environmental remediation, civil infrastructure, and public finance together in one firm to tackle challenging urban redevelopment sites and maximize outcomes for surrounding communities and EFG investors alike.


EFG’s core mission is to re-envision and re-purpose contaminated properties – safely recycling unsafe and underutilized land to create new opportunities for housing, commerce, and open space. We believe every urban infill project is an opportunity to avoid suburban sprawl and reinvest in existing communities. Our goal is to build on what is working, fix what isn’t, and ultimately provide a mix of land uses and housing types that support the range of jobs, incomes, and cultures that are the hallmark of great cities.
Sloans, mid-demo
54. water line 1
Sloans Chapel Park


In addition to acquiring, remediating, and developing contaminated properties, EFG (d.b.a. EFG-Denver) consults with property owners, real estate development firms, and public sector clients with challenging infill and contaminated sites. EFG-Denver provides clients with strategic planning services during transactions and due diligence; owner’s representation during the entitlement, design, and permitting; and construction management during project implementation.

To contact EFG about an existing or potential development project or to inquire about EFG-Denver’s consulting services related to property or project, email Cameron Bertron at .